Mailing Services

About Our Partner

Our partner is one of the top providers of custom mailing services in the Southeast. We provide everything from generic mailings to custom personalized mailings. One thing you can count on is that our mailing fulfillment service is very efficient and effective.

We understand the needs of the medical community and that’s why privacy is our top priority. Our partner is HIPAA compliant and has non-disclosure requirements on all financial documents; therefore, your documents are secure and not used for any other purposes.

Palm 1 Medical Advantage

We are your one-source for everything mail related. No longer worry about the hassle of buying multiple toner cartridges, paper, and envelopes or using your staff’s valuable time to stuff and put stamps on mail. We can supply the letterhead and envelopes for your statements, appointment cards, marketing, and announcement pieces. What we save you in postage alone could pay for the services we would provide.

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Financial Document Processing

Statements and financial documents are unlike all other mailing pieces because of the privacy and regulation involved. All financial documents are sent first class, but that doesn’t mean you pay full first class rates. Based on the volume and the time period that documents need to be delivered within, we can save you money. Because financial documents provide regular contact with your patients, we provide a platform for you to add custom marketing messages. Placing marketing messages into a financial document is a great idea, because it allows you to send two messages for the price of one!

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders can be as personalized and customized as you want. If you are a multi-location practice or one location with many doctors and need custom cards for each doctor, we can do that. With reminder cards you can get first class rates at a pre-sort standard price, with cards as large as 4.25 by 6 inches.


Whether you are sending a letter announcing a new doctor coming on-board, a postcard with a new location or sending your patients a message about a new service you offer, we can get your message out efficiently and effectively. Our partner uses the most advanced equipment and software, but the real difference is the experience and commitment of our team to get the job done right.

Palm 1 Medical Is Your One-Source for Print and Mailing Services

  • Our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality service includes obtaining the most efficient way to implement the job.
  • Using lowest postage cost, drop shipping, carrier route saturation sorting, and automation intelligent mail bar-coding are a few of the ways we regularly reduce the cost of mailings.
  • Reduced costs, with quality services, means success for your practice

Important Information
If you’re using a local or 3rd party printing company that isn’t certified and using automated intelligent mail bar-coding (IMB) your rates could go up.


Call us today at 1-855-857-2561 to find out how we can save you time and money on your mailings.

Address Management Services

  • Custom print image configuration – absolutely!
  • Merge-purge; de-dup or house holding – we do this everyday!
  • Zip plus four appending and correction – not a problem!
  • Carrier Route and Intelligent Mail Bar-Coding – a can do!
  • CASS, NCOA, LACS, and DPV correction and verification – yes included!
  • Genderization and Case Conversion – special application, but can be done!
  • Custom printouts and reporting – piece of cake!
  • File maintenance and updates – easy!
Palm 1 MedicalMailing Services Program