Palm 1 Medical Brings You Medical Records Scanning, For Every EMR or PMS!

Digitizing paper records can be a major hassle!

Let us take your office through the complete process from paper to digital – regardless of your EMR system. Whether you need medical records EOB’s, or any other paper files digitized, we have the most flexible medical records scanning solution to handle it all.

No matter your reason for going digital; whether you are trying to free up valuable office space, tired of digging through multiple patient charts or just want to make sure you comply with new healthcare regulations, we can provide you with the RIGHT option to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have already implemented EMR or if you are planning on making the transition.  Our document scanning solutions can work for your practice no matter where you are in your transition.  If you want to scan charts offsite or onsite, it’s your choice.

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Background on our Document Scanning Partner

Due to high demand from our clients, Palm 1 Medical knew that we needed to find a medical records scanning solution that was simple, secure, and affordable.  After an exhaustive search in the document scanning market, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve found the most flexible and cost-effective medical records scanning solution available.

Our medical records scanning partner has a proven track record of success with over 20 years of experience with medical records scanning in the healthcare industry and brings you 15 secure locations nationwide.  Best of all, they take security seriously!  Their compliance and privacy standards meet the highest in the industry with SOC Type II, PCI-DSS certifications, and of course full HIPAA compliance.

Their systems enable integration with all EMR and PMS systems, but if you haven’t gone EMR, they offer a secure web link to get access to all of your files… instantly and securely.

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Multiple Medical Records Scanning Solutions to Fit Your Practice’s Needs!

No matter what reason you have for needing medical records scanning, we have the solution to help.

We offer predictable, low monthly costs that fit your budget and practice needs.

  1. Scan on Demand/and or to Budget: stored records are retrieved, scanned, and made available to you online, 24X7, in minutes.
  2. Hybird: scan active files upfront and other charts made available on demand.
  3. Back file conversion: scan all files

All of our solutions are backed by a unique-to-the-industry 100% guarantee.  Pricing varies based on the option you select for your practice.

Unlike other scanning companies, we offer one flat fee for all services, so you won’t get nickle and dimed. With our scanning service you can expect to:

  • Manage a Defined Budget
  • Control Costs
  • Minimize Risk
  • Simplify Scanned Operations
  • Enjoy Flexible Options
  • Receive Top-Notch Security

Are you ready for medical records scanning or do you still need to be convinced?

Let us show you just how easy it is.  We will convert 1 linear foot of your files at NO Charge! Call us today at 1-855-857-2561 or fill out the form below to set up your NO-COST DISCOVERY PROCESS and put our service to the test.

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