Do you feel the pressure new healthcare laws have place on medical practices to maintain secure electronic records?

Congressional acts have caused a significant shift in focus to Information Technology (IT) systems in the healthcare industry. An EMR might only be the tip of the spear when it comes to managing electronic documents, maintain accounting, insurance, and any other documents electronically. Maintaining compliance with HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH, will be simple and easy with ECM NOW: Efficiency Now, Control Now, Money Now

What does this mean for your practice? We can help move your paper documents and electronic files into an organized electronic format and then securely store, manage and deliver that information anytime, anywhere.

Watch and see how easy it is…

You can also expect flexible and innovative options such as:

  • Rapidly find a document when you need it
  • Capture index information quickly
  • Works with almost any EMR or virtually any application
  • Easy and seamless integration of images and data into your existing software
  • No capital expenditure required
  • Electronically manages all patient information
  • Data encryption can occur during transmission or when stored
  • Five layers of security, including transmission, security, system security, data security, application security, and physical security

What if you and your staff could review all of your patient records with one simple and efficient search?

With ECM NOW…We have software solutions and services that deliver any document anywhere, anytime!

Cloud Document Management from Palm 1 Medical


Securely manage and retrieve information online

Want to better manage your information, but lack IT resources? ImageSilo® is the world’s most trusted cloud ECM service. You will improve business efficiency, gain control of sensitive records, and save money by storing your records in the cloud.

“Productivity has increased 100-fold. We’re able to access information in almost real time. The reporting structure is excellent. I like the audit trail—especially in healthcare—that’s extremely important. The ability to follow the document allows us to maintain control.”John Herndon, Manager of IT, Patient Accounts, University of Illinois Medical Center at Chicago
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Securely Manage Information to Improve Business Efficiency

Control access and increase information security using a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system with PaperVision® Enterprise. Enable automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.

“Enterprise allowed us to trade administrative expenses for revenue generating investments.”Hawley MacLean, President, MacLean Financial Group
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Capture and organize any information

Are your paper documents in chaos? Get Control of Critical, Paper-based information Quickly and Easily Capture and control critical business information stored on paper right from your workstation with PaperFlow. Clear out your messy file rooms. Better protect information from theft and disaster. Save money on document management!

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Capture, Integrate and Distribute Everything for Less

Looking for more simple but innovative ways to manage electronic records…

PaperVision Capture brings an unprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture. Work with everything, implement any custom process you want and track any statistic you need.

“As all businesses seek to do more with fewer resources, effectively managing content is a core concern. Professional-scale capture technologies have traditionally been out of reach of smaller firms with limited budgets and IT resources. PaperVision® Capture Desktop gives them the same capabilities at an approachable price point.”Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Nucleus Research, Inc.
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Convert Print Streams into Practical Electronic Reports

Process, organize, index and display print streams in easy-to-read electronic reports. Make data more accessible and easier to manage with the ability to print, fax and distribute in an electronic format from PaperVision® Enterprise or ImageSilo®.

“I couldn’t imagine the complexity of COLD/ERM data processing without PaperVision Enterprise Report Management. It plays a huge role in the way we process business critical information and makes forms processing a breeze. Report Management is very powerful and extremely easy to use. Once configured, it just works! With thousands of invoices to manage every week, we use Report Management daily and process invoices in seconds.”Steve Todd, Director of Information Systems
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About our software partner:

Digitech is an industry leading software provider of Electronic Document Management (EDM) Solutions for the Healthcare Industry. They offer a comprehensive ECM product suite that enables healthcare practitioners to more effectively manage information of any kind—from paper documents and electronic files to print streams and even email in on-premise or on-demand environments. They understand that an EMR Provider can give you the technology to go from paper to digital, BUT managing and retrieving those digital records once they are in the system is their specialty.

Together we can provide you with the solutions your practice needs today to overcome the challenges of tomorrow.  

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