About Palm1 Medical

Palm 1 Medical is ONE source for the medical community.   

aboutpict2Palm 1 Medical is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Transform Group headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We serve thousands of physicians’ offices across the country. Our goal is to be the leading provider of all business products and technology solutions for the medical community.

We specialize in business supplies and we aim to be the go-to partner that offers an unparalleled level of service for medical offices. Palm 1 Medical is more than just another vendor, we are a partner to our customers and help them focus on what they do best-treating patients.

Palm 1 Medical is uniquely positioned to provide medical office managers with solutions to help them manage their day-to-day operations. And no matter what EMR or PMS you use, we can serve your practice.

With decades of experience serving a variety of customer types with medical forms to RX pads to business cards or office supplies, we understand how to take the hassle out of ordering. Because of the demands on medical practices to keep up with new regulations and technology, we have continued to lead the charge  to provide unique technology solutions like medical records scanning or document management software and electronic code book solutions to address the concerns of today and solve the challenges of tomorrow. Our representatives understand your concerns and have expertise on critical industry events like CMS form changes and ICD-10 updates to help navigate your practice through challenging times.

Office Locations in:

Georgia, North Carolina and Colorado


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